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What Happens If You Are Detained by ICE?

When a friend or loved one has been placed in detention, it is important to make an appointment with an experienced lawyer. The Immigrant Rights Defense Center at Latino Memphis is the only nonprofit legal provider that represents detained immigrants in bond hearings before the immigration courts of Oakdale, Pine Prairie, and Jena, LA. 

Do you know what is the A# number?

It is the number that I.C.E. uses to identify you. It is also called an Alien number and it can be found on the bracelet given to you after being processed by I.C.E. Be prepared to share this number with your family.

What happens when someone is detained:

  1. You will be processed by I.C.E. in Memphis, TN.
  2. After processing, you will be transferred to the Western TN Detention Facility located in Mason, TN or directly to the Lasalle Detention Facility in Jena, LA.
  3. Once you are processed, you will be allowed to make a phone call. Hours will pass before you are processed and able to make a call. Be prepared to share your A# (also called an Alien number) with your family. You can find your A# on your bracelet attached after processing.
  4. Exercise your right to have an attorney. Any statements you make to I.C.E. will be used against you.