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Program Benefits

Latino Memphis believes that education, training, and entrepreneurship are the best strategies for building a vibrant middle class in Memphis. Latino Student Success is a road map of our programs, initiatives, and collaborations to increase educational attainment for Latinos in the 901. Whether their destination is finishing high school, learning English, or going to college, we support Latino learners on their journey toward sustainable career pathways. Learn more about the Abriendo Puertas Escalera Curriculum.

College Readiness

Abriendo Puertas promotes post-secondary access for Latino youth by increasing educational attainment, career planning and access to information about well-paying careers. Students meet weekly after school while also receiving personal college advising and academic support.

Leadership + Civic Engagement

Abriendo Puertas students are encouraged to become leaders in their communities through opportunities that promote advocacy, communication and leadership skills. Some examples include advocacy trips to Nashville and D.C., summer internships and public speaking engagements where students have the opportunity to share their stories.

Parental Support

Parents are encouraged to enroll in the Padres Comprometidos or “Committed Parents” curriculum, a 9-week parent engagement program that helps Latino parents to acquire the skills they need to effectively engage with schools and play a leading role in preparing their children for college.

Whether you are a school, a student or a parent, learn how to join Abriendo Puertas!