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Policy & Community Engagement

While Latino Memphis helps individuals and families, we understand that our clients face many challenges due to underlying structural and institutional barriers. Tu Voz was born out of our social responsibility to advocate alongside our clients for positive change through policy, advocacy and civic engagement.

This program takes input from the Latino community to bridge the gap between what is working and what is a hindrance in their struggle concerning institutional, local and federal policies.

Tu Voz builds partnerships with local and state policymakers, ensuring that the Latino voice is heard in policy discussions. We also work with local influencers such as elected officials, business leaders, school officials and grassroots organizations to educate the wider community about the issues Latinos are concerned about.

Did you know?

Many of our students do not qualify for any federal or state scholarships, and must pay out-of-state tuition at a cost three times that of their peers. Latino Memphis is working to pass a bill in TN that would allow any student who attended high school in-state and is considered "lawfully present" to qualify for in-state tuition.

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