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Notary Access

The notary public is a commissioned representative of a state government and is charged with verifying your identity as the signer, ensuring you sign under your own free will, and witnessing the signing event. The notary’s role is to prevent fraud, to ensure the appropriate people execute documents freely and to verify transactions after the fact. Institutions rely upon notaries so they may have full faith in important documents.

We are public notary and you must bring a photo I.D. to prove your identification for each document you present. An appointment is necessary for this service.

Kinds of notary seals and fees Latino Memphis provides:

  • Notary seal: $10
  • Travel affidavit with notary seal: $15
    Both parents or legal guardians must be present. Travel documents such as airline or bus tickets detailing travel schedule, destination and who is accompanying the child must be provided. Please bring valid identifications for all people involved in oder to fill out affidavit.