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Category: Youth

US turning away Domestic Violence victims seeking protection

Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a legal decision that would make receiving asylum almost impossible for victims of domestic violence. As an immigration attorney, I know first-hand how devastating this decision is for many of my clients and women throughout the United States. Let me tell you about my client Maria (not her real name) and what led her to Latino Memphis. Maria met her abuser when she was only 12 years old. After her abuser forced her to move in with him, he be... Read More
at Wednesday, Jun 13

First ever report of economic contributions of immigrants in Memphis by New American Economy

One of the most controversial topics in our country now is immigration. We often hear, especially from the current administration, that immigrants are causing more harm than good. However, nationally, the facts say otherwise. According to the Center for American Progress, immigrants add trillions of dollars to the national GDP, and their contributions are becoming only more significant yearly. However, there was no data on the economic contributions of immigrants locally. Until now, that is.... Read More